Being Teachable For The Rest of Our Lives

I was born with a strong personality - underlying characteristics including: impatience, competitiveness, aggression, dominance, manipulation, arrogance and stubbornness - sprinkled with (more like, dumped with) empathetic qualities.

Growing up I was the aggressor and leader of the pack. Always bossing my friends around, deciding what we’d do next and what game we’d play. My strong personality traits leaked into every relationship I had, including my romantic ones. This went on until I was 19.

I went through trauma as a young teen and the mental effects were delayed. I had PTSD and didn’t know it. In college I was able to identify the downfalls of my strong personality, recognized my lack of mental strength, and started to work on myself. After all, I didn’t want to be the bad guy. I wanted to be loved and accepted - just like everybody else.


I prayed for patience and an open mind.

I prayed for kindness. To be gentle.

I prayed to be surrounded by people and tools I needed to grow into a woman

my loved ones can trust, and to seek me when they needed someone to talk to.


"God gave me everything I needed my whole life. But my eyes were shut until I finally realized the pitfalls of my ingrained personality."

My growth didn’t happen overnight.

I’m 8 years into my journey and am still working on my flaws. I will never be able to get everything right. I’m still going to say the wrong thing at times. But I’ve filled my closest circle with those who help me grow through my downfalls. I’m proud to say I have a group of warriors backing me up and they sincerely are here to watch me become a better wife, mom, friend, and woman.

If any of you reading this have been told that you have a strong personality, I see you. You’re not evil. You’re not a jerk. You are who you are, BUT, start opening your mind to the possibility that you can change. You can learn to improve and be better. I’m walking right alongside you through this journey.

Here’s to being teachable for the rest of our lives 🖤

Thank you for being a part of my journey.

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