I'm Pregnant! Baby Banca #3 coming soon

Timeline of the LaBanca Babies:

2019: Maximilian Andrew

2020: Anastasia Belle

2021: ?

The tie-breaker is coming Summer 2021!

Our happy little surprise is almost 9 weeks in the oven, and we are over the moon with our soon-to-be son or daughter.

What does this mean for you?

Expect blogs with updates on Baby Banca #3 and how it's going during this pregnancy. I announced this pregnancy early to share the ups and downs of every trimester (especially the first - the unspoken trimester).

I will also be bringing light to:

...those who struggle with infertility

...those thinking about adoption or fostering

...those putting their families on "pause" due to COVID (or other life events)

...those who don't want to become biological mothers, but know they can mother in other ways (best aunt ever, best dog mom, best bird mom, etc)

...and more!

Becoming a parent or guidance to others is one of the best ways to help others thrive and grow. I hope you join me on this journey and get to enjoy life with me along the way.


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