Loving ALL of My Skin

Let’s talk about this girl.

She weighed 118lb and if you look closely at her vision board, she had the number “105” on there. That was her “goal weight”

Back then she had no idea how “ideal” her body was. How desirable that body was for other people. That her goal to lose 13lb was harmful to herself and her peers.

The desire to be skinny wasn’t the bad part. The toxic part of her mindset was that she couldn’t be happy until she reached that dream body.

7 years and 50lb later, she transformed her vocabulary. She learned to appreciate the stages of her body and to love herself at 130lb and 190lb. She embraces her skin’s ability to stretch and support 3 growing lives.

All chapters of your life can be enjoyed - it’s all about your mindset. It takes years to unlearn toxicity. No matter where you’re at in your self-love journey, keep going. Even if it’s just baby steps.

I will love my skin at every stage in my life. Even the 80 year old wrinkly times


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