The New Way to WEIGH Yourself

How do you weigh yourself?

The scale?

By the number of followers you have?

The amount of comments & likes you get?

How silky smooth your hair is or if you put on a full face of makeup on today?

The way we talk to ourselves determines our value.

For a long time, I degraded myself. Talked down to me.

Told myself I wasn't beautiful until...

...I was 105lb. teeth were perfectly straight.

...I had bigger boobs. closet was full of designer clothes and shoes.

The thing I didn't learn until I had our first kid is that weight or external beauty do not determine your value. For so long I yearned for people's approval on social media. I let them decide how pretty or skinny I was. But then I had our first son - and he changed my world.

I learned how to love myself.

I learned how to STAND UP for myself against myself and the negative side of marketing and social media.

I learned how to switch the language in my brain from a constant want to feel loved and accepted, to loving and accepting myself for who I am in the moment, so that I could accept and love others for who they were.

Who was I to tell my best friends and loved ones how beautiful they are and for them to speak highly of themselves, when I couldn't even do that for me?

So I started to love myself.

I switched my perceived outside body value to my internal beauty.

I learned the thing that makes a person most beautiful is the way they treat others.

The impact they had on other people with their presence.

Whether or not they could light up a room or bring light into a dark situation.

So how do I weight myself now?

I weigh myself based off my ability to... and treat others well.

...bring warmth to others with my words and presence. open and honest with my experiences to hopefully help others.

...bring laughter and light to a room with my loved ones. genuine and authentic so that others can identify with my experiences and we can share laughter or grief together.

God gave me my life and my voice for a reason.

I have the power to impact others positively, and I plan on using my voice to do just that.

I will continue to do my best to bring power to the things that matter in this life.

Because we only get 1. This is it. This is our life - so let's live it to the happiest.


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