Walk Out The Door Now

It's a challenge getting out the door with 2 babies that were born 11 months apart. But today we did it and we walked around the park - AND the kids got down for a long nap after we got back home. WIN for mom!

Today we walked around our favorite park. Michael and I have been coming to this park for YEARS and I remember long before we got married, I'd talk about living near this park in the future. I pictured us walking around here with our future children and riding our bikes. Today that is a reality.

Now that we live close by, have been married for almost 3 years and have 2 kids, thinking about actually going to the park before I even walked out of the door was exhausting! I mean, I gotta pack the bags with 2 sets of diapers, clothes, snacks, formula, and more! But today I conquered my negative inner voice and got out there. I even brought my professional Canon camera!

Moving our butts everyday

“Some days as a mom you feel a little more defeated than others. It can be a mental challenge even THINKING about walking out the front door. But once you get out there, you don't regret it one bit.”

As a mom of a (almost) 17-month-old boy and a 6-month-old girl, it's tough for me to wrap my head around getting my professional camera out to take pictures and videos of our kids. It's SO much more convenient to just use my iPhone! Somehow I had the strength to actually pack my camera and bring it to the park. I'm sure glad I did!

Toddler boys have the most energy

Our son Maximilian Andrew is a squeaky wheel with a never-ending hunger for oil. He is literally bouncing off of walls and talking non-stop ALL day! So going to the park was perfect to get him to burn off some of that energy. The whole time we walked around he was pushing the wagon that's 4 times his size. Max even got to walk across the big red bridge all by himself! (well, with mom's help) He loved looking at the water through the big red bars.

We got this blue wagon from Aldi and his Mario Kart sippy cup from Target. Unfortunately if you don't catch the Aldi deals the MINUTE they open the stores on release day, you probably will miss our on their awesome finds. I happened to grab the last wagon in the store!

Taking a break

Find some shade and pop a squat.”

Mom doesn't have as much energy as Maximilian. So here we are, hanging out under a big tree while I catch my breath. One of Max & Ana's aunties came with us and let him play with her frozen water bottle. Genius! Isn't that small Paw Patrol folding chair SO stinkin cute? Max got it from his "Wowa" (Lola in Tagalog is Grandma) I believe she got that from Dollar General. Anastasia Belle's cute blue outfit with little bear ears gets me all the time. I love her little smile!

Ok mom, time to run

Yes, he did lose a shoe. I think it's time he moves a size up!

I know going to the park doesn't seem like a big deal. It shouldn't be. But I've got a crazy inner-dialogue that tells me I can't do simple tasks, so today was a win for me. I'm working on fighting this voice in my head that tells me "you can't," and I'm racking up these small wins!

Bonus content

Me taking photos of Maximilian. It's rare that I get photos of myself in action! Thank you TT! (Max & Ana's auntie)

Thank you for being a part of my journey.


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